QEII COVID-19 Response Fund

Strong community roots are woven into the fabric of what makes us Atlantic Canadian. When the going gets tough we step up and weather the storm together – protecting and supporting each other.

The QEII COVID-19 Response Fund directly supports local response efforts based on immediate and evolving frontline needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The curve is flattening in Nova Scotia with certain day surgeries and outpatient clinics being reintroduced at the QEII. As we start to see progress, it is vital that our healthcare teams are prepared to support patients as the situation and future needs evolve.

When you support the QEII COVID-19 Response Fund, you help ensure that the QEII is equipped and prepared, regardless of what this pandemic brings our way. Funds raised will help protect patients and staff from exposure and ensure that the right technology and items are in place to care for those affected by the virus.

Working with the QEII Health Sciences Centre to identify key areas of need, the QEII Foundation has created a fund that will benefit local COVID-19 response efforts at the QEII.


Self-care and recovery at home is an important piece of the COVID-19 response strategy. As patients care for themselves and recover at home, they are in need of items such as;

The more we empower patients with the tools they need, the more capacity we build within our healthcare system and the more prepared we are for the future.


In this unprecedented time of local and global uncertainty, there has never been a greater need to conduct medical and health related research to collect real time evidence to inform practice, policy and decision making in this new pandemic environment. The Nova Scotia research community has come together to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic with a $1.5 million collective investment in COVID-19 focused research.

Funds raised through this QEII COVID-19 Response Fund will support the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition — formed to bring research leaders and foundation partners from across the province together with an ultimate goal of finding a vaccine.


There is an urgent need for e-Mental health treatment options within our province, given the added stress and pressures of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). We have the opportunity to accelerate the launch of new innovative programs that will help create 24/7 care access for those experiencing common mental health issues. Same-day access programs that incorporate videoconferencing and mobile apps will help close the gap between available practitioners and demand – and offer treatment options individuals can utilize from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The health and safety of QEII staff is of utmost importance everyday – but especially amidst a pandemic. Funds raised will support things such as iPads and virtual doctor visits using technology to connect patients with doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists for both consultative needs and on-site prescriptions. This advanced technology uses thermal imaging and facial recognition to provide patients with a safe, private, and secure consultation with a licensed clinician.


COVID-19 wards at the QEII are in need of items to care for patients affected by COVID-19. Funds raised will purchase items such as;

This technology provides accurate clinical assessment and diagnostics, without the patient being required to leave their bed. This allows healthcare teams to meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver exceptional care whenever it’s needed.


To improve efficiencies and abide by social distancing requirements – virtual communication solutions have never been so critical. Funds raised will support digital solutions that allow healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate in a safe and effective way.